'Moonshadow' from dream to reality


These pictures record the building of 'Moonshadow', a design by Andrew Wolstenholme based on the original Broads yacht 'Luna'  and built by us for Dr Moore. For full details of this yacht see ‘Watercraft’ magazine Jan-Feb 2004.

The building of the 'Bure' and 'Womack' Classics

Although the 'Bure Classic' and the 'Womack Classic' form part of our hire fleet, both designs can be built to order. As of June 2004 there are nine 'Bure Classics' in private ownership with another four on the order books, whilst two 'Womack Classics' are in private ownership. 

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A few pictures showing construction methods.

'Bure Classic'

'Womack Classic'

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Womack's plug

‘Womack Classic’

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