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Womack Classic

 Bure & Womack Classic

Bure Classic & Tarn 

'Bure Classic' & 'Tarn' are  22.5ft long x 8ft beam and the first of the traditional broads AUX boats to be known as the classics. Designed and built here at Swallowtail Boatyard, they are available for hire throughout the summer months. They are gaff rigged sloops with 340 sq ft of plain sail, and have a small diesel engine in the forepeak. Accommodation consists of two single berths in the main cabin and room for an extra person in the cockpit. Their fast and lively performance can be appreciated by both novice and experienced yachtsmen alike.


'Womack Classic' at 28.5ft long x 9.5ft beam is the latest addition to join her smaller sisters in our hire fleet. Also designed and built at Swallowtail Boatyard, she fills the role of the family holiday yacht and is available for hire throughout the summer months. She has a small inboard diesel engine in the forepeak. Four single berths are provided together with room for an extra person in the spacious cockpit. Being somewhat larger than the 'Bure Classic' and 'Tarn' she has an increased sail area to match, which  provides a performance level to interest all holiday sailors.


A typical Saturday as the hire fleet is being prepared.

New for 2017 season Barton Classic 26ft

The Barton Classic is a traditional broads AUX sailing yacht for all the family.  Its lively performance will be appreciated by both novice and experienced yachtsman alike, who want the best in broads sailing.

The Barton Classic has a Yanmar diesel engine situated in the forepeak providing good cruising performance, leaving the cockpit quiet for your enjoyment.  This boat has a fiberglass hull with a traditional wooden superstructure and a spacious light interior, with sleeping accommodation for 3 / 4 persons.  There are three interior berths and an additional mattress for an extra berth in the cockpit.  The galley is furnished with a two ring hob, oven and grill, a sink with electrically pumped hot and cold water, a full inventory of crockery, fridge and electric lights.  The Barton Classic also has a separate toilet compartment with a wash basin and electric point.  The hydraulically elevating roof gives 6’ of standing head room throughout the interior.


Traditional Gaff Sloop.

Bowsprit, Self furling jib.

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